Human Body Project Examples

Below are some examples of Human body Projects from past years.  Students are encouraged to use materials that they already have around the house;  they do not need to spend much money to build this project.  Model Magic and other clay like materials are too heavy and too expensive and should not be used.

One of the criteria for this project is that the body must be free standing, so figuring out a workable display stand can be a challenge.  Old floor lamps make an excellent stand, other students have used chairs, dolleys, poster board, or wood.

This outer body for was made with chicken wire and paper mache supported on a wood base (2005).

An example of a model mounted on a board (2005).

These students used a floor lamp for the support, many parts of the body are constructed from felt and other fabrics.  They used a fake jack-o-lantern left over from Halloween for the head.

Here are three different examples of support: on the left is peg board, in the middle is a floor lamp, on the right is a coat tree (2006).

This body from 2007 is on a wood backboard and base, which was then covered with yellow paper.  These students did a nice job on the science, and did not spend much money, using materials they had from around their home.

Many students prefer to make their bodies on a three fold board (2007).

This one is mostly made from fabric that the students stuffed to make into a 3-D shape.  The body did not stand, but she did sit in chairs  (2008).

Students like to get creative, the one on the left is sitting, the one on the right included his tombstone (2009).

 This one arrived on a skate board, but his balance wasn’t very good, so he needed a floor lamp pole to help support him (2009).

An excellent example of one made from household and recycled material; this one is supported on a christmas tree stand.  The group put in extra effort and made a book to go with their model (2010).

After the students present their bodies to the class and they have been graded, they are brought down to the lobby for display.  Here are some in front of the auditorium display case in December of 2010.