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8th grade Wednesday 4 June 2014

Wednesday June 4, 2014

It has been my pleasure  to have been your teacher for these last two years.  I was very proud watching your present your portfolios last night, and will happy to watch you at contiuation tomorrow night.

HW: Bring water, sunscreen, a hat for tomorrow’s picnic.

Monday – students had a sub and watched the dvd Th3 11th dimension.

Tuesday – students practiced for the paperairplane competition.

Today – the competitions were held – one for landing closest to the “X” on the lighted run way, the second for the best stund.

Tomorrow – yearbooks, picinic, kickball tournament and contination.

Friday- you get to sleep in!! No school for 8th grade!


8th grade Thursday 29 May 2014

Thursday May 29, 2014

We had mixed up classes due to some 8th graders helping with the rescheduled field day.

Question: How can you use simple tests to determine the types of bonding?

HW:  Finish the lab.

In class today: We discussed the reading assignment and the set up for the lab.  Students worked with their table group to conduct the various tests on a variety ot items.  When they were finished conducting the tests, they cleaned up and then finishesd the lab write up.  Most students finished during class.  See linnk for lab:Lab You light up my life _2010

8th grade Wednesday 28 May 2014

Wednesday May 28, 2014

Today 8D worked on tiles in math for the first two periods and 8F watched the first two segments of the Space, Time and the Universe dvd with Brian Greene.  Students will watch the third and final segment on Monday with the sub.

HW: Read the packet on bonding, taking notes on the four types of bonds (you can take your notes on the handout) and completing the worksheet attached to the article (seee link:More on Eletron Glue – Reading and Electron Glue_WStoFollowReading ).  Reminder – quiz over balancing equations and vocabulary – tomorrow – although this may be post poned again until Friday due to tomorrow’s lab.

8th grade Tuesday 27 May2014

Tuesday May 27, 2014

We did block schedule today (and tomorrow) so that 8th graders will have plenty of time to complete their ceramic tiles during math.

Today, 8D watched the first two hours of a three hour series about string theory (The Elegant Universe).  All 8th graders wil watch the last segment next Monday with Mrs. Lowe who will be subbing for Mrs. Du Houx.

NOTE: Mrs. Degi has a thumb drive with all of Mrs. DuHoux’s pictures of science projects and 21st Century Skills for portfolios – ask her to borrow it if you need to print out pictures for your portfolio.

8th grade Thursday 22 May 2014

Thursday May 22, 2014

Question: How and why do you balance euations?

HW: Prepare for tomorrow’s end of year assessment.

In class today: We reviewed and collected Rockets Red Glare, We collected the isolating copper lab and the notes from earlier this week.  Next up was going over the review sheet for tomorrow’s assesssment (see link:8th_Post reviewLARGE ). We then learned one technique to use when balancing equations.  We practiced several problems together as a class on the Promethean, then students practiced on their own – or with their table group (see link for practice sheet:Balance equation_WS_forstudents).

NOTE: Next week you will have a quiz over balancing equations.


8th grade Wednesday 21 May 2014

Wednesday May 21, 2014

NOTE: 22 8th graders were helping with elementary field day, so the remaining students were combined into one class.

Class participants recorded their observations – in pictures and words (at both the macro and atomic level) of two demonstrations – a burning candle and water boiling.  Once they turned that paper in, the got the Rockets Red Glare worksheet (see link:RocketsRedGlareWS  ).

HW: ALL STUDENTS – those in class today and those helping with field day, are to complete the Rocket’s Red Glare worksheet.

8th grade Tuesday 20 May 2014

Tuesday May 20, 2014

Question: How can you use electrolysis to isoloate copper?

HW: Finish the Isolating copper lab (Blocks p. 36-37) – all of the analysis and conclusion, More to explore, and paragraph about what you learned.

In class today: We discussed field day arrangements for tomorrow (21 8th graders are helping with elementary field day), and the bowl-a-thon logistics on Friday.  We then worked on the Isolating Copper lab, most students were able to complete this in class.  Note: We will discuss yesterday’s notes on Thursday.

8th grade 18 May 2014

Monday May 19, 2014

Question: What did you learn about elements from the elements project and presentations?

HW: Chem I. 32-37

In class today: We finished element presentations and turned in presentation notes after writing at least 5 things students learned about elements and/or the periodic table.  We passed back papers and organized binders (see link: 20_8thSciBinder_19May2014).  We passed back all the “baby sat” papers from the year.  Students were to choose 6 science items to use in their portfolio – this could include the element research, learning journals, and anything in the science binders.  Here is the prompts for the science portfolio reflections (see link:Portfolio Science reflection questions2012 ). We then reviewed and collected notes from last week – Blocks 62-29 and CI 24-31.

8th grade Friday 16 May 2014

Friday May 16, 2014

We continued with Element presentations today.  Both classes have four more students who will present on Monday, everyone else has presented.

8th grade Thursday 15 May 2014

Thursday May 15, 2014

We began sharing Elements project research reports today.  We will continue these tomorrow.

8th grade Wednesday 14 May 2014

Wednesday May 14, 2014

Question: What are some chemical characteristics?

HW: Element project and research paper due tomorrow.  Read and choice notes C. Interactions p. 24-31 – due Monday.

In class today: Each person evaluated three terms on the 12 group concept maps we made yesterday, and then their table group compared notes and gave an overall score for each of the concept maps.  This took most of the class period.  We then revieved chemical and physical properties and changes (we had introduced these ideas during our CMAS review).  While waiting for their table group members to finish the evaluation, many students were able to start the reading and note assignment, and most groups had some time to continue working on these at the end of class.  NOTE: the notes from last night (Blocks 62-69) will be reviewed and collected on Monday along with today’s assignment.

8th grade Tuesday 13 May 2014

Tuesday May 13, 2014

Question: What information can you get from the periodic table of the elements?

HW: Read and choice notes Blocks p. 62-69.

In class today: We checked in progress reports, then reviewed terminology from last nights notes and collected the notes.  Students took a second quiz on the periodic table.  Students got their concept map back from yesterday, and used their maps to make a group map from their table group.  After their group came up with one map with yesterday’s terms, they added more vocabulary from a new list.  We will grade these group concept maps tomorrow.

8th grade Monday 12 May 2014

Monday May 12, 2014

Question: What information can you get from the periodic table of the elements?

HW: Read and choice notes Blocks p. 87-92 AND 96-101 AND get progress report signed AND elements project and paper due Thursday.

In class today: Progress reports were passed out.  We passed out and organzied binders (see link:19_8thSciBinder_12May2014 ).  Next we reviewed and collected notes from last week CI 55-57), followed by a quiz over this material.  We reviewed vocabulary terms and then students worked on a concept map – due before class was over.  Once they turned in their concept map, students could begin working on the reading and note assignment.

8th grade 7 &8 May 2014

Thursday May 8, 2014

Mrs. Du Houx was out on Wednesday.

Both days students had access to the lap tops to work on their element research paper and their element drawings.

Reminder – Use for your bibliography.

8th grade Tuesday 6 May 2014

Tuesday May 6, 2014

Question: What are the parts of an atom?

HW: Bring flash drive tomorrow.  Work on atom drawing – approved by Thursday, and choice notes C Int p. 55 – 57 due Monday.  Projects and papers are due Thursday the 16th, but may be brought in earlier.

In class today: We finished the Hunt for Elements and collected notes and summaries.  We picked elements to study (students will have the next two science class days to work on their paper on the lap tops).  Students took the atom quiz and it was graded in class.  We updated the high school destination list, passed back papers and organized binders (see link18_8thSciBinder_6May2014: ) and had some time to work on either atom drawings or notes.