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Sarah U November 2012

Friday November 16, 2012

One hot summer day when I was putting my little buzzing fly wings to work-GULP! I got swallowed up by a stupid, mindless, and mean human!  It all started in the mouth where I was almost got chomped on by teeth and whipped by a tongue.  Teeth crush food while saliva makes it one slippery mass.  The mouth was soaking with saliva because of the salivary gland (which produces saliva). 


I screamed for joy as I took a fun ride down the esophagus, passing the epiglottis, which covers the windpipe so food doesn’t get past it.  Thank goodness I didn’t get stuck! The peristalsis of the esophagus pushed me down to make sure that I kept going in my direction.


Screeching, I landed in a pool of stomach juice.  I put on my super suit protect me from the acid inside the stomach.  The acid helps chemically digest food. I waited as the stomach churned around me as part of mechanical digestion.


After a few hours, I was released into the small intestine.  I was tickled by tons of tiny villi, which absorb nutrients into the blood stream.  I was also splashed with bile and enzymes


In fly science class, I had learned that the path of food and the path of nutrients are two completely different things.  I wanted to experience both, so I created a duplicate of myself.  One me was absorbed into the bloodstream while the other me stayed in the small intestine. 


The me that was not absorbed by villi finished the path of food by sliding through the large intestine, down the rectum, and out the anus.  The large intestine absorbs water from the remaining food.  The rectum compresses the waste back into solid form.  The waste is eliminated through the anus.  The rest of me was carried to the liver after being absorbed into the bloodstream


The liver was huge! It was like a big factory.  The liver breaks down substances like medicines.  The liver also produces bile (a substance that breaks down fats) that is stored in the gall bladder until it is needed in the small intestine.  The pancreas also helps break down food by producing enzymes that are later released into the small intestine.


That is the end of my amazing story, but first lets get one thing straight.  I only survived because of my super powers.  Do not try this at home!