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Daily Life and its Environmental Impact

Friday July 13, 2012

Daily Life and its Environmental Impact  – Lessons that compare Englewood, Colorado with traditional neighborhoods (hutongs) in large city urban China.

These the are lessons that preceded the study of the Hutong Photo Topics found elsewhere on this blog.  This unit was developed in April of 2000, based on a 1999 trip to China.  Please be aware that some of the material may be outdated, but hopefully some of it will be of use.

Overview of Unit – In Teacher Terms: EnvironmentalLessonOutline 

Your Energy Foot Print Survey worksheet: 1_EnergyFootprintSurvey

Home Water Use Survey worksheet: 2_HomeWaterUseSurvey

Life Style Survey worksheet: 3_LifeStyleSurvey

Comparison of the US and PRC  worksheet: 4_CompareAreaPopulation

Reference Material: China & US data   and   He Bouchuan 

After working with the above material, students work through the Hutong Photo Topics – posted elsewhere on this site.  Below are some links to material that may be helpful when working with the phototopics.

Hutong Grading Guide: hutong grading guide

Excerpts from a National Geographic article about hutongs in Beijing and their destruction to make way for modern buildings: Beijing in Nat.Geographic

Additonal information about hutongs and a worksheet for students to write down their reflections based on this information: HutongThoughts_AddInfo

The hutong project came about because I sprained my ankle when in Beijing.  I spent our free day watching out my hotel window which looked out on a traditional hutong.  I watched the comings and goings of the people and animals, looked in detail at their roofs, and iced my ankle as I did so.  Here is a write up of my reflections from that day: MyHutong Notes_SummaryFreeDayExperience

This unit was developed after my July 1999 teacher study tour of China which was sponsored by the Teaching East Asia – at the time part of the Social Studies Education Consortium (SSEC), they are now associated with the University of Colorado at Boulder.  The trip was sponsored by the Freeman Foundation. Copies of my entire unit, including the hutong photo topics, is available on loan to teachers from Teaching East Asia.

Here is a link to the Teaching East Asia homepage: