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8th grade Wednesday 21 May 2014

Wednesday May 21, 2014

NOTE: 22 8th graders were helping with elementary field day, so the remaining students were combined into one class.

Class participants recorded their observations – in pictures and words (at both the macro and atomic level) of two demonstrations – a burning candle and water boiling.  Once they turned that paper in, the got the Rockets Red Glare worksheet (see link:RocketsRedGlareWS  ).

HW: ALL STUDENTS – those in class today and those helping with field day, are to complete the Rocket’s Red Glare worksheet.

8th grade Friday 10 January 2014

Friday January 10, 2014

Question: What characteristics or properties do good sound producing solids have in common?

HW: SL web style notes p. 40-44 – due Tuesday.

In class today: We started this mini unit with a 5 minute freewrite with the prompt being “the nature of sound”.  Mrs. Du Houx then went over how to take web style notes.  Students then worked with any other students in the room (free choice) and the provided materials to collect data to answer the question.  They were to record what they did, their evidence data) and a conclusion (claim, evidence, reasoning) in their learning journals.  When finished, they could start the new style of note taking.

7th grade Tuesday 10 DEcember 2013

Tuesday December 10, 2013

Question: How does the circulatory system work?

HW: Finish the 7 page packet.  Remember to write a summary paragraph about each page in your HB journal.  Each summary should include the title of the page, a topic sentence that explains the over all topic of the page, and four to six additional pieces of information from the page.

ALSO – the cardiovascular/circulatory vocabulary packet that you received on 20 November (before Thanksgiving) is due on Wednesday.

In class today: Students had the entire class period to work by themselves or with their table group to work on this packet.  We are doing the packet and summary paragraphs instead of reading and taking 3 column notes on the circulatory/cardiovascular system. (See link for packet:CircPacket_Nov2011 )

7th grade Friday 27 September 2013

Friday September 27, 2013

Question: What is the skeletal systen and what does it do?

HW: Prepare for Monday’s Bone Quiz.

In class today: We began by each student picking up avocab # 2 HB System (due at the end of this unit see link:2_Vocab_BodySystemForStudents ), vocab #3 HB Organs (due at the end of this unit – see link:3_Vocab_MajorBodyOrgans ) and vocab # 4 The Skeletal / Muscular Vocab (tentatively due 4 October, but  may bedue a few days later – see link: 4_Vocab Skeletal And Muscular Systems).

Students set up their HB Journal for #3 Skeletal and Muscular System in their table of contents, and then at the top of a new page in their journal.  This is the first day, so on the entry page they wrote Day 1: Skeletal Exploration and the Question: What is the skeletal system and what does it do?  We then began learning how to take outline notes, by previewing and reading the introduction and first section.  Students copied down notes for this and are to continue reading and taking notes on the rest of the assignment by Tuesday.  (Here is a link for the first sections of notes:2-1_Skeletal System p.38-45HowTakeOutline_Start_2012 ).  Students then worked with their table groups to complete a handout – by examining the skeleton models in the room for the front of the sheet, and writing notes for themselves about bone locations on the backk (see link: 1Activity_SkeletalSysExplor).  They will be able to use these notes when they take the Bones quiz on Monda.

8th grade Friday 27 September 2013

Friday September 27, 2013

Question: What do you know about the ocean?

HW: You may choose to work on notes for next Monday, and work on the vocab sheet.

In class today: Mrs. Leonard told 8th grade the final results of the carnival money situation.

We reviewed tides from Wednesday.  Students then took the Ocean Trivia Quiz.  We reviewed the answers and students corrected their papers in class, then taped them into their Sea Camp journal (see link:6. OceanographyTriviaQuizForStudents ).  Students had the last part of class to start the notes for Monday.

7th grade Monday 23 Sept 2013 – late post

Tuesday September 24, 2013

Late posting – Mrs. Soltes was my sub yesterday.

In class: Students set up their composition book (may NOT use a perforated or spiral notebook) for the Human Biology Unit.  They set up the table of contents and made the first entry, as they worked through Sali 11 – Sick Day.  Their data table for this lesson and the analysis questions were all done in the composition book.

HW: Finish Sali 11 and Learning Journal entry #3 (See link: 3_SciMethod_UnitA_Reflection).

LJ 4 and 5 – for 2012-2013

Friday November 16, 2012

Here is the link:4_and_5_2012

LJ 3 – for 2012 – 2013

Friday November 16, 2012

See link: 3_SkeletalMuscularSystem2012

LJ 2 – For 2012-2013

Friday November 16, 2012

Here is the link: 2_SciMethod_UnitA_Reflection

LJ 1 for 2012-2013

Friday November 16, 2012

Here is the link:1_Scientist_ScienceGoals_7thgrade

8th Learning Journal – Entry #3

Monday November 14, 2011

This entry was made after we completed the first cycle of Unit 1.  Here is the Link: 3 Unit1 Cycle 1 Scientific Method reflections

8th Learning Journal – Entry #2

Monday November 14, 2011

This entry was completed after we finished our first Challenge, on Pendulums. Link to prompt: 2 Pendulum Thoughts

8th Learning Journal – Entry 1

Monday November 14, 2011

This was done at the beginning of school.  Here is the link: 1_Scientist_Goals_8thgrade